Jul 212014

Bolle and Friends 2014 VeronaRoberto Bolle and Friends is up and run­ning with two dates in Genoa already ticked off the list. Tomor­row comes the Ver­ona date at that biggest of all dance ven­ues, the 15,000-seater Roman amphi­theatre, the Ver­ona Arena.

The line-up for 2014 is Alicia Amat­ri­ain, Polina Semi­onova, Daniil Simkin, Hee Seo, Eris Nezha, Julie Kent, Cory Ste­arns, Jason Reilly, Sky­lar Brandt and Signor Bolle himself.

In an inter­view with Piero degli Ant­oni in Il Giorno a few days before the tour’s début, Bolle tried to cla­rify some of the much quoted state­ments that he’s made in the past, includ­ing those about his infam­ous water and white rice diet.

Let’s dis­pel some of this legend! I do drink a glass of tepid water in the morn­ing, but I also eat. Some­times when I’ve missed break­fast because I’m late for class, I find that I’m light­headed even before I get halfway through. I eat rice-cakes with honey, fruit and dried fruit. Mid-morning maybe a banana. …con­tinue reading.

Jul 202014

Ambassador Expo Milano 2015 Carla FracciThe Mil­anese baller­ina, Carla Fracci, has become an Ambas­sador for the Milan Expo 2015.

The theme of the World Expo is Feed the planet, Energy for Life and in the clip below she talks about her love for her child­hood dishes of Risotto alla Mil­anese (with a short-grained rice, such as Carn­aroli , saf­fron and beef mar­row) and Polenta (a maize flour, or corn­meal, boiled into a type of por­ridge, which is also some­times fried). These typ­ical Lom­bardy dishes are now often made with cheaper impor­ted pro­duce, which doesn’t have the same qual­ity how­ever; it is a hot polit­ical point at the moment. …con­tinue reading.

Jul 172014

deloitte-myth-mainThe month-long con­tem­por­ary arts fest­ival Deloitte Ignite 2014 is based on the theme of myth and this year is cur­ated by The Royal Bal­let and The National Gallery’s Dr Minna Moore Ede, who said,

At the National Gal­lery we try and bring paint­ings to life, but Deloitte Ignite has been an incred­ible oppor­tun­ity to cre­ate a cross-arts spec­tacle; each art form — paint­ing, video art, dance, film, street-art, music — offer­ing its own mod­ern re-telling of the Greek myths of Pro­meth­eus and Leda and the Swan. Pro­meth­eus — rebel, traitor, pro­tector of man­kind and Leda — a queen seduced by the God Zeus in the form of a swan and bearer of eggs — a sym­bol of the sac­red fem­in­ine and giver of life. Their mes­sage is still rel­ev­ant today and the Fest­ival offers con­tem­por­ary artists from all dis­cip­lines the chance to bring these stor­ies to a mod­ern audience.

Deloitte Ignite 2014 will offer free and tick­eted events with per­form­ance, film, art install­a­tions, dis­cus­sion and live-streaming, cul­min­at­ing in a free Deloitte Ignite Fam­ily Day on Sunday 28 Septem­ber …con­tinue reading.

Jul 162014

Callas RemasteredWarner Clas­sics now holds the key to the Maria Cal­las offi­cial record­ings treas­ure chest. Recently that key was taken out, and the ori­ginal mas­ters were care­fully removed and trans­ferred to com­puters for high-definition remas­ter­ing. Care­fully is the right word, for just pla­cing the tapes on the machines caused some spli­cing to come apart at the ori­ginal edit points. In fact, one of the tasks dur­ing this latest remas­ter­ing was to per­fect the edits in a way that was impossible with tape and glue in the ‘50s and ‘60s. The earli­est discs Cal­las made for the Italian label Cetra were wax recordings.

Another con­sid­er­a­tion was to remove ambi­ent noise, such as the Ves­pas whizz­ing past the La Scala Opera House or the rumble of the under­ground trains at the King­sway Hall in Lon­don. …con­tinue reading.

Jul 152014


Andrea Bocelli brings Celebrity Fight Night to Italy.

Bocelli has been involved with Muhammad Ali’s char­ity for years, but this will be the first time that the event has been seen out­side Amer­ica. For $50,000 a head each ‘guest’ will be flown from the States to Pisa for a six-day break in Tuscany, lunch with the Marques De Fresco­baldi,  din­ner at the home of Roberto Cavalli, and an even­ing with Lionel Richie and Sophia Loren in Andrea and Veron­ica Bocelli’s house, pre­sum­ably sip­ping the Bocelli Fam­ily wine dur­ing din­ner. …con­tinue reading.