Mar 182011

Gennady Yanin Gennady Yanin erotic photos...If you Google the word “bal­let” under news in the UK ver­sion you will see, at the time of writ­ing, 7 news art­icles about the excit­ing triple bill at the , 2 art­icles on the Eng­lish National Ballet’s mixed pro­gramme, 22 on the ‘Pet Shop Boys Bal­let’ (a fairly high ‘score’ because most of these art­icles con­cen­trate on the pop group’s change of genre), and a stag­ger­ing 66 art­icles on the Bolshoi sex scan­dal.

Most have tan­tal­iz­ing head­lines such as,

dir­ector quits in ‘porn smear scandal’

Bolshoi bal­let head resigns over ‘por­no­graphic pictures’

Bolshoi bal­let dir­ector quits after erotic pho­tos are pub­lished online

Sure sex sells (and you’re read­ing this, and I’m writ­ing this) but it is a little sad when it sub­merges other news, a porn tsunami which oblit­er­ates everything in it’s path. It doesn’t  even seem as though  was doing any­thing illegal. In Italy we have a Prime Min­is­ter who, for now, gets away with far, far more. But this isn’t Russia.

As Molière said,

It is the pub­lic scan­dal that offends; to sin in secret is no sin at all.

That’s the trouble with the inter­net: it’s not easy keep­ing secrets on-line.

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