Gennady Yanin “erotic” photos…

Gennady YaninIf you Google the word “ballet” under news in the UK version you will see, at the time of writing, 7 news articles about the exciting triple bill at the , 2 articles on the English National Ballet’s mixed programme, 22 on the ‘Pet Shop Boys Ballet’ (a fairly high ‘score’ because most of these articles concentrate on the pop group’s change of genre), and a staggering 66 articles on the Bolshoi sex scandal.

Most have tantalizing headlines such as,

Bolshoi ballet director quits in ‘porn smear scandal’

Bolshoi ballet head resigns over ‘pornographic pictures’

Bolshoi ballet director quits after erotic photos are published online

Sure sex sells (and you’re reading this, and I’m writing this) but it is a little sad when it submerges other news, a porn tsunami which obliterates everything in it’s path. It doesn’t  even seem as though  was doing anything illegal. In Italy we have a Prime Minister who, for now, gets away with far, far more. But this isn’t Russia.

As Molière said,

It is the public scandal that offends; to sin in secret is no sin at all.

That’s the trouble with the internet: it’s not easy keeping secrets on-line.

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