Naked dancers in The Naked Dance

Photographer, and ex-dancer, Yang Wang drew a lot of attention last year with his Living Dance photos of naked dancers. Now he has photographed a sequence called The Naked Dance with three of those dancers together: Aurélien Charrier, Carlos Ferreira Da Silva and Liam Warren.

on her blog finds an elegant connection between these photos and Matisse’s “La Danse”.

Yang Wang was born in 1975 in China, but now lives and works in . He started his career as a dancer with the China People’s Liberation Army Arts Academy. He joined Beijing Modern Dance Assemble in 1997. His connection with Angelin Preljocaj started when he joined the Ballet Preljocaj on 2002.

Yang Wang – self portrait

He has only been a photographer since 2007, focusing on fashion and stage work, but he’s already causing quite a stir!


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