Mar 092011

Yang Wang Naked Dance Naked dancers in The Naked Dance

Pho­to­grapher, and ex-dancer, Yang Wang drew a lot of atten­tion last year with his Liv­ing Dance pho­tos of naked dan­cers. Now he has pho­to­graphed a sequence called The Naked Dance with three of those dan­cers together: Aurélien Char­rier, Car­los Fer­reira Da Silva and Liam Warren.

Yang Wang Naked Dance2 Naked dancers in The Naked Dance

Sophie Cul­l­in­ane on her blog finds an eleg­ant con­nec­tion between these pho­tos and Matisse’s “La Danse”.

matisse91 500x333 Naked dancers in The Naked Dance

Yang Wang was born in 1975 in China, but now lives and works in . He star­ted his career as a dan­cer with the China People’s Lib­er­a­tion Army Arts Academy. He joined Beijing Mod­ern Dance Assemble in 1997. His con­nec­tion with Angelin Prel­jocaj star­ted when he joined the Bal­let Prel­jocaj on 2002.

Yang Wang 500x371 Naked dancers in The Naked Dance

Yang Wang — self portrait

He has only been a pho­to­grapher since 2007, focus­ing on fash­ion and stage work, but he’s already caus­ing quite a stir!

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