Jun 162011

In our media-driven age we choose flam­boy­ant per­son­al­it­ies over the less showy, but maybe more cap­able, altern­at­ives. Italy’s Ber­lusconi cer­tainly attracts a lot of press atten­tion, but does it serve the coun­try well? The glam­or­ous Obama and Blair eas­ily won over the elect­ors — ima­gine Win­ston Churchill being voted into power nowadays. The Royal Bal­let have done well in buck­ing the trend and choos­ing a new dir­ector who seems well-placed for the job, even if his pub­lic per­sona is low key.

The fact that O’Hare comes without any artistic ego or agenda of his own can, I’d sug­gest, be a pos­it­ive. There are sev­eral bal­let com­pan­ies in the world who have had to suf­fer from the “cre­at­ive input” of their dir­ect­ors – either their fag-end-of-a-career dance per­form­ances or their not-very-good cho­reo­graphy. In O’Hare the Royal has a dir­ector appar­ently inter­ested only in devel­op­ing the cre­ativ­ity of others.

High on his press announce­ment today is the fact that Wheel­don will be tak­ing a far more act­ive role in the Royal under O’Hare’s dir­ec­tion. O’Hare also wants to main­tain close ties with Wayne McGregor, who has been res­id­ent cho­reo­grapher at the Royal since 2006, and a dynamic, trans­form­at­ive influ­ence on other younger cho­reo­graph­ers in the company.

Frankly, any dir­ector that has two of the world’s most sought-after cho­reo­graph­ers bat­ting for his team is doing well.”

via The Guard­ian

Miyako Yoshida and Kevin O’Hare; photo: Bill Cooper

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