Aug 312011

25 year-old Eng­lish viol­inst Charlie Siem is in the latest edi­tion of . “Hand­some almost to the point of absurdity” is writ­ten in the first para­graph, and com­ing from that’s not a bad com­pli­ment. He also plays the violin quite well, and that dis­tin­guished font of musical cri­ti­cism, Clas­sic FM called him “one of the most excit­ing young violin tal­ents around”.

The Times revei­wing his 2008 Elgar record­ing said, “Charlie Siem unusual is his emo­tional con­trol – so firm, and so Brit­ish, that it bites into the power of his oth­er­wise flu­ent account of Elgar’s Violin Sonata”.

His third album, with the , is out at the end of Septem­ber with con­cer­tos by Henryk Wieni­awski and Max Bruch and a piece by Olé Bull.

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