Dec 212011

In ’s Cor­ri­ere della Sera sup­ple­ment, Io Donna, is one of sev­eral celebrit­ies to open his fridge door for the cam­eras in an art­icle about “We are what we eat”. He talked to Carlo Fur­geri Gilbert:

I have two, but my favour­ite is the chrome 1950s one in my house.  On the right is the crushed ice and dis­tilled water to drink, because in Amer­ica you don’t buy min­eral water as in Italy. The fridge in is less showy, but con­tains more or less the same things: fresh foods neces­sary to feed an athlete’s body. In the drawer I keep the fruit that I usu­ally have for break­fast along with crack­ers and honey. Occa­sion­ally I drink green tea. Never cof­fee, because I don’t like it.

At lunch dur­ing rehears­als in the theatre (until about 6 pm) I have a 40 minute break when there’s just enough time to munch on nuts, dried fruit, bana­nas, pro­tein bars and two boiled eggs that I bring from home. I eat din­ner as soon as I get in the door after rehears­als. If I’m in New York I go first to the food store to buy organic pro­duce. In Milan I order everything on the inter­net. In any case, when I’m in town my fridge has everything I need for din­ner: shrimp, avo­cado, lettuce, seitan, fish or meat.

How­ever, if I’ve been on tour I come back to find a waste­land: only the little yel­low light to keep the pack­aged lemon-juice com­pany. I don’t switch it off, because that would elim­in­ate the only source of food on my arrival: frozen foods in the freezer.

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  2. Nice look­ing , wide and arranged with tech­nical structure.

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