Roberto Bolle reveals what’s in his fridge…

In ’s Corriere della Sera supplement, Io Donna, is one of several celebrities to open his fridge door for the cameras in an article about “We are what we eat”. He talked to Carlo Furgeri Gilbert:

I have two, but my favourite is the chrome 1950s one in my house.  On the right is the crushed ice and distilled water to drink, because in America you don’t buy mineral water as in Italy. The fridge in is less showy, but contains more or less the same things: fresh foods necessary to feed an athlete’s body. In the drawer I keep the fruit that I usually have for breakfast along with crackers and honey. Occasionally I drink green tea. Never coffee, because I don’t like it.

At lunch during rehearsals in the theatre (until about 6 pm) I have a 40 minute break when there’s just enough time to munch on nuts, dried fruit, bananas, protein bars and two boiled eggs that I bring from home. I eat dinner as soon as I get in the door after rehearsals. If I’m in New York I go first to the food store to buy organic produce. In Milan I order everything on the internet. In any case, when I’m in town my fridge has everything I need for dinner: shrimp, avocado, lettuce, seitan, fish or meat.

However, if I’ve been on tour I come back to find a wasteland: only the little yellow light to keep the packaged lemon-juice company. I don’t switch it off, because that would eliminate the only source of food on my arrival: frozen foods in the freezer.


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