Oct 152012

Tony Manero is com­ing to town in a brand new pro­duc­tion of Sat­urday Night Fever, per­formed in an all-Italian trans­la­tion as La Febbre del Sabato Sera.

After a few months of tour­ing in the Neth­er­lands earlier this year, the pop­u­lar stage ver­sion of the film which launched ’s career arrives at ’s Teatro Nazionale. Apart from recre­at­ing the iconic white suit for the disco floor, Cocky van Huijkelom has designed the cos­tumes from scratch with flares, plat­form shoes and pat­terned shirts which screech “70s”. The look wouldn’t be com­plete with the hair­styles, so 60 wigs have been cre­ated by Sjo­erd Did­den for the Italian pro­duc­tion. They have gone for an exag­ger­ated look which mir­rors how we remem­ber the period rather than how it was: it’s a musical, not a doc­u­ment­ary. The res­ult is fun, flashy and exciting.

Using the adapt­a­tion cre­ated in 1998 for Lon­don, the show skirts around the darker sides of the film, with its viol­ence and drug use, leav­ing a joy­ful family-friendly show.

After audi­tion­ing over 2,000 Man­eros they found their man in Gab­rio Gen­tilini, a 24-year-old who is a year younger than Tra­volta when he cre­ated the role in 1977. He has already worked with pro­du­cers Stage Enter­tain­ment in Mamma Mia! two sea­sons ago. 22-year-old Mar­ina Maniglio plays Stephanie.

An impos­ing set by Carla Janssen Hofelt’s uses a series of towers which move around the stage to form Brook­lyn Bridge, the Manero house, and the disco itself. Large video pro­jec­tions on the back cyc allow the space to open out onto the East River and across Manhattan.

The Bee Gee’s songs are still stayin’ alive, 35 after they were writ­ten. This, though, will be the first time the show goes into pro­duc­tion after the death last May of Robin Gibb who was the twin of Maurice and younger brother of Barry. Their soundtrack album from the film was awar­ded 15 Plat­inum discs hav­ing sold over 15 mil­lion cop­ies and stayed months in the num­ber one slot in th UK and Amer­ica. It still epi­tom­izes the disco phe­nomenon that was an inter­na­tional sen­sa­tion. The soundtrack included the disco smooch How Deep is your Love, which is the last num­ber in the show before the final mega-mix disco cel­eb­ra­tion to send every­one strut­ting home.

SNF — or in Italian LFDSS! — opens on 18 Octo­ber and runs until 27 January.


Tick­ets:, or by tele­phone 848.44.88.00 or on the theatre’s site

Pho­tos from the Dutch pro­duc­tion, 2012

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  1. Com­ing to Milan for Christ­mas so I’ll be able to go!!! Saw the Lon­don pro­duc­tion. Great. Look­ing for­ward to hear­ing it in Italian ;-)

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