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Alexey Zimakov 2 500x400 Russian virtuoso guitar player has all his fingers amputated Alexey Zimakov, the win­ner of the 1991 Amer­ican Gui­tar Asso­ci­ation Com­pet­i­tion in Miami, and a vir­tu­oso player has had all the fin­gers on both hands ampu­tated after con­tract­ing severe frost­bite in his home town, Tomsk, in Siberia, reports Slipped Disc.

Here is what happened, accord­ing to Andrei Krylov, writ­ing on the Acous­tic Gui­tar forum:

He was invited to a party by friends of his father. In the middle of Decem­ber.
And he cer­tainly love and respect his father and his friends…
On the party they were drink­ing vodka.
I know that in they usu­ally would say — you must drink with us, full glass all the time, and if you do not drink — it is dis­respect to us and your father… and so on… and so on… and they always really really insist­ing on it…
Party was over. He went home — it was night –44 C.
The door into apart­ment build­ing was closed. He tried to call to his apart­ment through apart­ment phone sys­tem. Nobody answered (sys­tem did not work).
He bang the door… but the people who live in the build­ing afraid of crim­in­als and hoo­ligans and did not open the door.
He had warm clothes, there­fore he decided to wait at the door if some­body to come and open it. Because clothes were warm and he was drink­ing before, he fell asleep.
Nobody opened the door…Until the morn­ing…
There is no warm room in the entrance of apart­ment build­ing with the inter­com sys­tem as it would be in Canada or USA etc. There­fore he was just out­side. At street door…
Abso­lutely noth­ing happened with his health, no cough from cold, noth­ing, because his coat was very warm, Siberian type, but … on his hands he had leather gloves (they are not warm… but cold gloves, but I guess it was more appro­pri­ate to have those more formal gloves for this party), and hands were com­pletely frozen…
I’m not sure how hos­pital works in Tomsk… there are prob­ably good doc­tors, but I don’t think that doc­tors under­stood with whom this happened.
8 fin­gers were ampu­tated. Completely.

Unbe­liev­ably horrific.

Col­leagues are ral­ly­ing around to raise money for Zimakov by per­form­ing in bene­fit concerts.


Here is a video clip of him play­ing a piece by Pablo de Sarasate:

  3 Responses to “Russian virtuoso guitar player has all his fingers amputated”

  1. How tra­gic. The neural path­ways will always be there. Time for some prostheses.

  2. This is just unbe­liev­ably tra­gic, I won­der how he is cop­ing — I’ll say a prayer for him

  3. Stuff pros­theses. Surely there must be a suit­able cada­ver match?

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