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Thiago Soares Gramilano 500x333 Thiago Soares answers the Gramilano Questionnaire… Dancers’ EditionWhen did you start dan­cing?
I star­ted age 15.

Why did you start dan­cing?
When I joined the Centro de Dança Rio it felt right, and I felt like I had found some­thing that I had been look­ing for until then.. and I thought that to keep going would take me somewhere.

Which dan­cer inspired you most as a child?
My first idol in dance was Fernando Bujones.

What’s your favour­ite role?
’s One­gin.

What role have you never played but would like to?
Armand in Asthon’s Mar­guer­ite and Armand.

Who is your favour­ite cho­reo­grapher?
If there was a way to go back in time I would love to work with two people: and John Cranko.

Who is your favour­ite writer?
Khaled Hosseini.

Who is your favour­ite dir­ector?
Fernando Meirelles.

Who is your favour­ite actor?
That’s a dif­fi­cult one… some act­ors I really like: , Jeremy Irons, Alfred Molina, Marília Pêra, Al Pacino, Isa­belle Hup­pert, Fernanda Montenegro…

Who is your favour­ite singer?
Juan Diego Florez.

What is your favour­ite book?
The Kite Runner.

What is your favour­ite film?
The Artist.

Which is your favour­ite city?

What was your proudest moment?
Being able to have a nice house with my wife, and help my fam­ily and give back a bit of what they did for me back in Rio.

When and where were you hap­pi­est?
Oh… ok… sum­mer, Lon­don, Núñez, Rio, dan­cing, eat­ing, beach, ami­gos, films, car­ni­val, Milan…

What do you con­sider your greatest achieve­ment?
Hav­ing ful­filled most of my dreams in life.


— a biography

Thi­ago Soares trained at the Centro de Dança in Rio de Janeiro before join­ing the Theatro Muni­cipal in Rio in 1998. His rep­er­toire there included the Prince in Nutcracker, Siegfried in Makarova’s Swan Lake, Solor in Makarova’s La Bay­adère, Romeo in Vasiliev’s Romeo and Juliet, and Basilio in .

Over the years he has trained with Yelê Bit­ten­court, Debora Bas­tos, Angel­ica Fior­ani, Manoel Fran­cisco and Dalal Achcar in Brazil, Slawa Muchamedov in Rus­sia, Johnathan Cope in the UK, and Liopa Araujo and Dino Car­rera in Cuba. In 2002 he briefly trained with the Mari­in­sky Bal­let and danced Siegfried and Basilio with the Rus­sian State Ballet.

Soares joined in 2002 as a First Artist and was pro­moted to Soloist in 2003, First Soloist in 2004, and Prin­cipal in Septem­ber 2006. Since join­ing the com­pany, he has danced the title role in John Cranko’s pro­duc­tion of Eugene One­gin, Siegfriend in Anthony Dowell’s Swan Lake, the Prince in Peter Wright’s The Nutcracker, the First Move­ment of Balanchine’s Four Tem­pera­ments, the Second Move­ment of Balanchine’s Sym­phony in C, Dia­monds in Jew­els and Balanchine’s Tchaikovsky Pas de deux.

His Ken­neth Mac­Mil­lan rep­er­toire includes Tybalt and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Rasputin in Ana­stasia, Les­caut in ManonÉlite Syn­co­pa­tionsFarewell Pas de deux from Winter Dreams and Rudolf in May­er­ling, while his  rep­er­toire includes the Thaïs Med­at­i­tion Pas de deux, Orion in Sylvia, Colas in Birth­day Offer­ing Pas de deux and Awaken­ing Pas de deux.

He has also danced Cara­bosse and Prince Desire in Makarova’s Sleep­ing Beauty, Solor in Makarova’s La Bay­adére, the lead Pas de deux in Wil­liam Forsyeth’s In the Middle, Some­what Elev­ated Franz in ’ Cop­pélia, Glen Tetley’s Vol­un­tar­ies, Mark Mor­ris’ Gong, Ivan Tsar­ev­ich in Fokine’s The Fire­bird, Prince Flor­imund in the Mon­ica Mason and Chris­topher New­ton pro­duc­tion of The  and the Queen of Fire’s Con­sort in Chris­topher Wheeldon’s Fire vari­ation in Homage to the Queen.

Soares has also cre­ated roles in David Bintley’s Les Sais­ons and Will Tucket’s The Seven Deadly Sins.

He has per­formed with Svet­lana Zahar­ova, , Sylvie Guillem, Dar­cey Bus­sell, Tamara Rojo, Alina Coju­caru, Roberta Mar­quez, Cecilia Ker­che, among others.

Soares is mar­ried to fel­low dan­cer and fre­quent part­ner Mari­anela Núñez who he pro­posed to on stage after a cur­tain call for a per­form­ance of The Sleep­ing Beauty in front of the whole com­pany. They mar­ried in Buenos Aires in July 2011.

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