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BROADWAYPho­to­grapher has a good Italian name, though she’s Ger­man and largely lives in New York.

The ‘Luisi’ sur­name comes from her hus­band, Fabio, who is the Prin­cipal Con­ductor at the , which explains why she now spends a good amount of time in the Big Apple. How­ever, she also has a home in Cam­ogli, a small town on the Lig­urian coast, not far from Por­tofino. These con­trasts in her life and back­ground are reflec­ted in her pho­to­graphy which ranges from intim­ate pic­tures of pearls nest­ling on the sea bed, to the flashy neon lights of Broad­way. It is arti­fi­cial light which attrac­ted her as a sub­ject for her latest show, which opens 28 Feb­ru­ary in New York and is called: “Glow­ing Night, Arti­fi­cial Lights”.

Luisi’s pho­to­graphs are, as she says in the blurb,

… con­cerned exclus­ively with the per­cep­tion of light in the dark­ness, with warmth and the cold. Dark­ness com­bined with move­ment enables undreamt-of asso­ci­ations. The ele­ments melt into one, earth become water, air becomes fire.

Just a super­fi­cial glance at her images proves her point: magic, mys­ter­i­ous, like the night itself.

The pho­tos were taken in New York, Oslo, Tokyo, Vienna, Paris and Rome. At 3 a.m.!

The images are undefined, impres­sion­istic, using long expos­ures to allow the dim to become bright:

Light floods through the lens of the object­ive for minutes, leav­ing its trace. That’s all. Each and every observer sees it differently.

Bar­bara Luisi uses infra-red and colour-reversal tech­niques to add to the curi­os­ity of these works, but the force comes from the ori­ginal image cap­tured at the depth of night when most people are tucked up in their beds. Which leads us nicely to the fact that the exhib­i­tion is tied in with the Cas­sina bed launch at their show­room at 151 Wooster Street, . And the designer of these four new beds? None other than Rodolfo Dor­doni, Piero Lis­soni, and Phil­ippe Starck.

The photo exhib­i­tion runs until May 1st.


You can find out more and Bar­bara Luisi’s work on her site, and a book con­tain­ing all the pho­tos of this series, “Glühende Nacht – Arti­fi­cial Lights”, is pub­lished by Böeh­lau.

Barbara Luisi

Bar­bara Luisi

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