Mar 162013

Filin - 16 March 2013After undergoing several operations on both eyes, Boshoi Ballet director yesterday faced a press conference in Germany where he is receiving specialised treatment.

I have plenty of strength and I have the confidence and desire to get back what was wrongly taken from me. I will do everything, and the doctors who work with me, they will do everything possible too, so I think together we will get great results. When I can see everything again, I will have no fear and I would like to work again just as I did before. Without fear, without anxiety.

Reuters reported him as saying.

Dr Martin Hermel, head doctor at Aachen University’s eye clinic where Filin is receiving treatment, said that Filin will have to face “complex and long-term treatment”.

Hermel said that while there has been improvement in his left eye, the right remains severely damaged,

We cannot at this point make a statement about the prognosis for vision in this eye.

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