Mar 012013

Claudio-Corviello,Carla-Fracci,Petra-Conti, who has been suf­fer­ing from back pains for a few days, was forced to bow out of his début at in Milan at the last minute. He was already in make-up for his role as the Hunch­back in ’s , when half-an-hour before cur­tain up he real­ised he couldn’t go on.

21-year-old Clau­dio Cov­i­ello who had danced the role at the mat­inée per­form­ance stepped in. As the announce­ment was made in the theatre wails arrived from all parts of the house with cries of “No!”. It is to young Coviello’s credit that the cries turned to cheers by the end of his first solo. His Esmer­alda was rising young Italian star , who danced the role superbly, and her real life part­ner, , played her stage suitor in apt heroic fashion.

, who was in the theatre to wit­ness Vasiliev’s per­form­ance, found her­self watch­ing Cov­i­ello who she has known since he was a boy. He was a stu­dent in the Rome Bal­let School when she was the dir­ector of Rome Opera Ballet.

(Vasiliev’s real life part­ner) played Esmer­alda in the first three per­form­ances of the run, with as her Quasimodo.

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