Apr 252013

Anna Proclemer

Anna Proclemer (Trento, 30 May 1923 – Rome, 25 April 2013)

One of Italy’s greatest act­resses died this morn­ing on the eve of her 90th birth­day. Anna Proclemer was primar­ily a stage animal with a sear­ing pres­ence and power­ful voice, allow­ing her to dom­in­ate every stage she stood on. She was a larger-than-life act­ress, the like of which doesn’t really exist today: a true star.

Proclemer worked with the giants of Italian theatre, and Luca Ron­coni, and played Vit­torio Gassmann’s Ophelia in 1952. She was a mem­or­able Jocasta in Sophocles’ Oed­ipus Rex three times, includ­ing one pro­duc­tion with Gass­mann in 1955, and with her fre­quent part­ner Gior­gio Alber­tazzi in 1969 at Milan’s in a pro­duc­tion designed by Pier Luigi Pizzi and with Clau­dio Abbado con­duct­ing a spe­cially com­mis­sioned score. She returned to in 2007 as Duch­esse von Crack­entorp in Franco Zeffirelli’s La fille du régi­ment.

One of her last per­form­ances was on film when she made a rare screen appear­ance in Ferzan Özpetek’s Mag­ni­fica presenza in 2012.

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