Apr 162013

Pavel DmitrichenkoBolshoi soloist Paul Dmitrichenko in court today announced his inten­tion to seek justice; he is accused of caus­ing griev­ous bod­ily harm, instig­at­ing the acid attack on the ’s artistic dir­ector .

ITAR-TASS repor­ted from court that Dmitrichenko will stay in cus­tody at least until 18 June, even though a peti­tion signed by 155 Bolshoi staff was presen­ted testi­fy­ing to his good char­ac­ter. The judge how­ever ruled that he presen­ted a flight risk.

The begin­ning of the trial has not been set, but invest­ig­at­ors said that the case would be com­plete within 2 months.

Dmitrichenko said,

I do not agree with the word­ing of the charges, and I intend to prove my case in court.

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