Apr 222013

Walter Venditii is the sort of city which emp­ties as soon as hol­i­days arrive, and in Italy there are lots of hol­i­days. The schools are shut and so are private dan­cing schools… except for that of Wal­ter Venditti.

Every­one knows that Venditti will have a les­son, even when there’s hardly a local around. He’s 84, and teaches around six­teen les­sons a week, demon­strat­ing steps and cre­at­ing fiendishly dif­fi­cult and fast Cec­chet­tian combinations.

Venditti joined the bal­let com­pany at in Milan just after the war, and stayed until 1976. Dur­ing that time he worked along­side Massine and his idol, Bal­anchine, as well as dan­cing in pro­duc­tions with Nureyev, Fracci, Fon­teyn, and Beriosova. His pas­sion for Span­ish dance led to a col­lab­or­a­tion with Ant­o­nio Gades, and his love for tip-tap brought him to the Italian tele­vi­sion screen in musical num­bers as well as classical.

After an injury when he was 40, he was forced to leave his dan­cing career, and soon after formed his school, which is atten­ded by every­one from the law­yer dur­ing her lunch break to .

Thank you, Wal­ter Venditti, for your con­stancy, enthu­si­asm and love of dance and dancers.

See over 40 pho­tos of M° Venditti at work on Flickr.

  9 Responses to “Walter Venditti: the 84-year-old ballet teacher who keeps Milan on its toes”

  1. Wun­der­schon­nnnnnnn

  2. Merav­iglioso!

  3. I stud­ied with Mr Venditti a couple of years ago when I was on Lake Como for a hol­i­day. Inspir­a­tional. This man has so much energy!

  4. Bel­lis­sime le foto. Gra­zie. Maes­tro Venditti è un grande!

  5. Ho stu­di­ato negli anni ’80 con lui e devo dire era sempre di buon umore e pieno di entusiasmo…se ancora oggi danzo lo devo a lui.…un grande gra­zie! Nes­sun altro maes­tro mi hai mai comu­nic­ato tanto amore per la danza.

  6. Ho avuto la for­tuna di stu­di­are con il Maes­tro Venditti negli anni 80 fino alla metà degli anni 90. Le esper­i­enze più belle che ho avuto con la danza le devo a questo grande Maes­tro del quale ancora oggi, a dis­tanza di tanti anni conservo un ricordo dol­cis­simo ed un affetto gran­dis­simo.
    Gra­zie Maestro!

  7. I have been study­ing at Venditti’s school for more than ten years and I have to say thanks for your art­icle and pic­tures. They per­fectly por­tray what it means to study with him and to be part of his school. It’s amazing!

  8. […] she is with La Scala dan­cer and teacher Wal­ter Venditti dur­ing a dif­fi­cult prom­en­ade where she is turned by her part­ner who pushes her round […]

  9. Won­der­ful!

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