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Alessandra Ferri Io Donna 394x500 Alessandra Ferri returns to dance the end of her marriageAt the end of June will return to the stage after an absence of 7 years, and, at the age of 50, will restart her dan­cing career.

At , where she is the artistic dir­ector of the dance com­pon­ent, she will dance in The Piano Upstairs, a new work for which she is also cho­reo­grapher. The piece recounts the end of a mar­riage, and, although it has been in the pipeline for three years, it is what is hap­pen­ing to Ferri off­stage right now. She is sep­ar­ated from her pho­to­grapher hus­band , with whom she had two chil­dren, now aged 15 and 11. The Fer­ris remain friends.

Milan’s Il Cor­ri­ere della Sera news­pa­per sent to inter­view her.

A comeback at 50?

I won’t be dan­cing Juliet, Manon or Gis­elle. I want to tackle new roles which are part of who Aless­andra is today. I will play Ele­onora Duse at La Scala in 2014 in a new bal­let which will be cre­ated for me by . It was with his Dame aux camélias that I bid farewell to La Scala dan­cing with

At the off-Broadway Sig­na­ture Theatre, I’ll play Léa, the 50-year-old lover of the 20-year-old Chéri (which will be played by ABT’s Her­man Cornejo) in a new work by Martha Clarke based on Colette’s novel. I’m also work­ing on a Broad­way musical.

While she’s surely not delib­er­ately tread­ing on the toes of Italian bal­let diva , it is cer­tainly a coin­cid­ence that La Fracci is known as the ‘Duse della danza’ and one of her last great roles was in the bal­let Cherì that cre­ated for her. Incid­ent­ally, she was also slated to dance in a Broad­way musical based on the film An Amer­ican in Paris many years ago, though that’s another story.

Rather like ’s , Ferri’s unex­pec­ted retire­ment was explained by her fam­ily com­mit­ments and the desire to be a full-time mum. And, like Bus­sell, who returned to Lon­don from Aus­tralia after suf­fer­ing from depres­sion hav­ing aban­doned her body, career and city, Ferri says,

My chil­dren have given me their full sup­port… They prefer to see me happy, even if less present, rather than be unmo­tiv­ated, wait­ing at home for them. They grew up between dress­ing rooms and pho­to­graphic stu­dios believ­ing that my life, and that of Fab­rizio, was like a party; but they also wit­nessed the ded­ic­a­tion, work and con­cen­tra­tion needed to achieve excellence.

And of The Piano Upstairs? A way to exor­cise the sep­ar­a­tion from your husband?

The sep­ar­a­tion from Fab­rizio was immensely pain­ful. But when things in life change drastic­ally, you need to over­come them with faith in life, and look ahead. I find strength by fol­low­ing the tal­ent I was born with.

Love with a cap­ital ‘L’ never ends, it trans­forms, and if you recog­nise that it will con­tinue to grow. That’s what ties us together. I hope to set a good example for my daughters.

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  2. I respect Ferri, love her dan­cing, but if she wanted to become a mother full-time, why didn’t she stop dan­cing when the chil­dren were born?

  3. Aless­andra must have stopped dan­cing before she was ready. There are thou­sands of reas­ons for this that we’re not privy to, but it seems that women too often feel guilty about fol­low­ing a career and, chil­dren or not, fall back on ste­reo­type role mod­els. We should not judge her choices, but a demo­tiv­ated mother is not healthy for chil­dren; wel­come back Alessandra!

  4. I am thrilled that Aless­andra Ferri will dance again. It is a new age of people dan­cing longer, restart­ing careers, there is so much for all of us to learn about ourselves and oth­ers. BRAVA!!!

    • Yes, in Cheri, I saw her dan­cing full of heart within five meters away. Can you ima­gine how mar­velous and touchy exper­i­ence it was…?

  5. Great idea Alessandra…When you such an Artist„you just can dance and give us emo­tions in any kind of roles right for your time and age…! 50 is noth­ing for a great Artist…!!

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  7. I mar­ried a baller­ina less fam­ous than Aless­andra but very good in dan­cing and per­form­ing. We were in USA when we saw Aless­andra at ABT play­ing Romeo and Juliet. She was amaz­ing as always. I com­pleted my PhD pro­gram and she her stud­ies at Steps, Alvin Ailey school and get a cer­ti­fic­ate at Zine Roomete Technique.

    We returned to Italy and build a fam­ily. After a while I saw her unhappy even if she never said a world. She found every pos­sib­il­ity to be out of our home. Leav­ing in the morn­ing and return late at night. It was clear that she wasn’t born to be just a mother (we have two chil­dren, 10 and 14 years old) or a wife. At the end this Decem­ber she ask me to divorce. I knew that that day would be arrived sooner or later but I wasn’t ready to leave her and I am still suf­fer­ing just because I know that our story could have been won­der­ful but maybe not for her, just for me and my childrens.

    Finally she went back to dance , happy (per­haps) faith in life, and look ahead and find strength by fol­low­ing her tal­ent she was born with. I really hope that what Aless­andra said could be true also for us: “Love with a cap­ital ‘L’ never ends, it trans­forms, and if you recog­nise that it will con­tinue to grow. That’s what ties us together. I hope to set a good example for my daughters.”


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