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Baryshnikov Filin Netrebko Baryshnikov and Netrebko weigh in on the Bolshoi scandal: a non stop ugly vaudeville

The tra­gic news made head­lines around the globe, “Bolshoi dir­ector in acid attack”. It was hor­ri­fy­ing; so shock­ing that it was hard to take in. It felt like the stuff of a Hol­ly­wood movie: the char­ac­ters were too glam­or­ous and import­ant, the loc­a­tion too pres­ti­gi­ous, the act itself too unbe­liev­able. Isn’t that what they do in movies to churn the stom­ach, like when Sam Neill chops off Holly Hunter’s index fin­ger in The Piano? Let’s face it, if this had been done by an angry sales assist­ant to the store man­ager in Ipswich the story would have dis­ap­peared from the papers the day after. But this was the Bolshoi, Moscow, the bal­let, with virile Rus­sian dan­cers with long manes of hair as the story’s prot­ag­on­ists. 5 months ago ex-principal dan­cer and dir­ector had acid thrown in his face, seem­ingly at the instig­a­tion of a fel­low dan­cer who wanted his girl­friend to get more top roles.

A week ago, Bolshoi spokes­wo­man Kater­ina Novikova gave the latest on Filin’s condition:

He is now blind in his right eye. The prob­lem is that it is acid and it con­tin­ues to cause dam­age. He has had 18 oper­a­tions and I under­stand that some of them were very difficult.

It is believed that he has 5% of his sight, which would mean return­ing to dir­ect the com­pany almost impossible.

com­men­ted recently,

I am not entitled to give my opin­ions because I don’t know the details — from one side, it’s real per­sonal tragedy and from the other it’s a damn soap opera, of course, which is like everything in Rus­sia. It’s a hor­rific real­ity and there is a non-stop ugly vaudeville.

At the press con­fer­ence to announce the Bolshoi next sea­son, Filin’s absence could hardly be ignored, and was noted by the press, but there was no ref­er­ence to him or the incid­ent. Anatoly Iksanov, the Gen­eral Man­ager of the , announced that he would be bring­ing back two of the theatre’s most pop­u­lar stars,  and , though in which operas he didn’t say. RIA Nov­osti repor­ted Net­rebko, react­ing to Nikolai Tsiskaridze’s dis­missal, as saying,

Every­one [at the Bolshoi] should to be fired, and everything reor­gan­ised from top to bot­tom: a fresh start. Maybe then things will change.

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  1. Good Luck Melle FROUSTEY

    The most Great Baller­ina remains OULD Braham

  2. Could you, please, change Netrebko’s quo­ta­tion. She did not say about the man­age­ment , she said: “Every­body should be dis­missed from the Bolshoi”

    • Yes a couple of other people had noted that so I went to RIA Nov­osti report (I took the pre­vi­ous quote from a Rus­sian news­pa­per), and think it is now cor­rect. Thank you.

  3. Isn’t it Sam Neill who chops off the fin­ger in “The Piano”?

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