Jun 102013

Joyce DiDonato La Scala 2013 well and truly conquered ’s audi­ence dur­ing her recital last night.

She was greeted by an ova­tion that took her aback — the sort of applause reserved for a Mar­ilyn Horne or , recog­nising their past tri­umphs on the legendary stage. In this case is was more of a sig­nal to the theatre’s man­age­ment to get DiDonato back to : she’s not slated for an opera next sea­son, and hasn’t sung at La Scala since La Donna del Lago a couple of years ago. DiDonato has an easy charm on stage, with amus­ing and inform­at­ive pat­ter, and she is a cap­tiv­at­ing act­ress too: ’s La regata venezi­ana songs were each perfectly-judged cameos. She knows her beau­ti­fully chosen all-Venice pro­gramme inside out, and it showed.

The second half began with a scene from Rossini’s Otello. Just a she was reach­ing the touch­ing (and quiet) end of Desdemona’s prayer a phone went off. Loud and clear from the stalls, with one of those annoy­ing retro ring­tones. As DiDonato left the stage dur­ing the applause (mixed with calls of “ver­gogna” — “shame”!) someone shouted out, “If you go home to tele­phone it would be bet­ter,” which was greeted by bra­vos, and more applause. But as the Amer­ican diva returned she dif­fused the atmo­sphere effort­lessly by ask­ing whether, by chance,  it was Rossini who had called to see how the aria had gone, adding, in Italian,

They say that this theatre is full of ghosts: gra­zie Gioachino!

Joyce DiDonato’s first encore was in memory of the Italian con­ductor Bruno Bar­to­letti, who died on 8 June. Today would have been his 87th birth­day, instead it is the day of his funeral.

Joyce DiDonato and David Zobel, La Scala 2013

Joyce DiDonato and David Zobel, La Scala 2013

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  2. Might be apo­cryphal, but “I heard”: Wyn­ton Mar­s­alis was play­ing with a quin­tet in a small New York venue, wind­ing up a sen­ti­mental solo, when a phone rang out a tune, very inap­pro­pri­ately. Mar­s­alis paused, picked up the phone’s melody, wove a con­tin­ued solo out of it, and came back to end the ori­ginal tune one more time.

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