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PereiraOcto­ber 2015 marks the start of ’s reign as sov­rin­tend­ente of one of the world’s greatest theatres, the in .

Yes­ter­day the city’s mayor, Giuli­ano Pis­apia, announced the Austrian’s appointment,

He is the per­son we con­sider most suited to give true value to the jewel in Milan’s crown.

So, coin­cid­ent­ally  just as his present con­tract at Salzburg expires he will arrive in Milan. But he is no stranger to the town. He worked for Oliv­etti for twelve years and has an apart­ment near the theatre. His 25-year-old girl­friend is a fash­ion stu­dent at Milan’s Isti­tuto Marangoni. He speaks Italian flu­ently which gives him a big boost over ’s cur­rent dir­ector, the French­man , who arrived with very little Italian, and still insists on call­ing his place of work ‘La ScalA’ instead of ‘La ScAla’. Most of all, Pereira is fam­ous for fun­drais­ing and keep­ing the budget in the black, a pri­or­ity now for every opera house in the world.

The Cul­ture Min­is­ter, Ilaria Bor­letti Buitoni, said,

This choice demon­strates the will to reward com­pet­ence and mana­gerial skills in a role cru­cial for the future of a theatre which, like all such insti­tu­tions, struggles to bal­ance the books.

The sep­ar­at­ist Lega Nord, which now gov­ern the Province of Lom­bardy, were strongly against the appoint­ment. Mat­teo Salvini said,

They’ve killed the theatre. La Scala has been sold off accord­ing to the logic of busi­ness and obey­ing for­eign lob­by­ists. Those who love Milan must shout, “No!”.

Pereira is delighted. He told Il Cor­ri­ere della Sera newspaper,

I shall start work­ing for La Scala tonight. Immediately.

He will be paid to work, how­ever, from 2015, but he will receive 25% less than his pre­de­cessor: €260,000 a year. To bal­ance the fact that he is Aus­trian, he wants to find an Italian music dir­ector to fol­low out­go­ing .

I will try and choose a musical dir­ector as soon as pos­sible. To func­tion well the chief exec­ut­ive and music dir­ector must work very closely together.

Pereira is also known for his love of Italian opera.

When I was the head of , I was cri­ti­cized for my pas­sion for Italian opera. They accused me of favour­ing the rep­er­tory of the south instead of that from the north­ern theatres. I love Italian opera, and I’ll try to high­light it as much as possible.

Photo: Alex­an­der Pereira and his Brazilian girl­friend Daniela Weis­ser De Sosa - RDB

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