Jun 082013

Sylvie Guillem MaggioDanza 349x500 Sylvie Guillem is cancelled in Florence, return­ing to a work en pointe for Mag­gi­oDanza in , finds the first of her four per­form­ances cancelled.

Guillem is the guest artist for an even­ing called Grandi Coreo­grafi (Great Cho­reo­graph­ers) with works by Bal­anchine, Kylián, For­sythe and, erm… Andonis Foni­ada­kis (maybe, but give him time).

Guillem has arrived in Florence to pre­pare for ’s Step­text. How­ever with the uncer­tainty of the future of the Mag­gio Musicale Fiorentino, and with the almost cer­tain elim­in­a­tion of its dance com­pany, Mag­gi­oDanza, the 10 June per­form­ance will be can­celled “to allow the theatre work­ers to par­ti­cip­ate in a demonstration”.

The extraordin­ary fact is that those who have tick­ets for that per­form­ance can just come along for the last per­form­ance with the same tick­ets and have their same seat — that’s right, a bal­let with Guillem and the theatre’s half empty with tick­ets still avail­able at all prices, and stalls seats at only €44!

If this isn’t a good enough demon­stra­tion of the incom­pet­ence of the theatre’s organ­iz­a­tion I don’t know what is: Guillem, Bal­anchine, Kylián, For­sythe (and Foni­ada­kis) and they can’t sell cheap tick­ets. In Lon­don, Paris or New York it would have been sold out months ago.

What do the press office do in Florence? This is tour­ist sea­son, Florence is packed, and there are only four per­form­ances to fill. Shame on you…

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  1. You don’t know what you say !!!

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