La Scala’s orthopaedist, Walter Albisetti, is killed by an electric saw at 56

Walter AlbisettiWalter Albisetti, ’s most well-known and respected orthopaedist, has died at 56. He was a specialist in treating dancers and most of the ballet company at had passed through his consulting room over the last thirty years. He was the medical advisor at .

Albisetti was found dead at his house in Merate, near Lecco. His femoral artery had been severed by an electric saw that he was using to complete works in his country home. He was alone, and the alarm was raised by family members who had been unable to contact him. His body was found at 2 am this morning.

On a personal note, Walter was a force of nature, slightly eccentric, who threw himself into his work with passion. He was greatly loved, and will be greatly missed.

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