Jul 172013

Natalia Osipova & Claudio Coviello rehearse Swan Lake

I’ll be a spe­cially wicked Black Swan. I can’t believe that I’m to dance with a Siegried younger than me, the 21-year-old , who is mak­ing his début in the role: my Odile will seduce him, break his heart and des­troy him.

says on the eve of her début in ’s ver­sion of (Lago dei Cigni) that he cre­ated for in 1990.

What wouldn’t I give to be able to see Nureyev dance.  To think about me dan­cing with him gives me goose bumps.

She told the Cor­ri­ere della Sera’s .

I like Nureyev’s ver­sion because it goes straight to the heart of the story without wast­ing time, con­cen­trat­ing of the three main char­ac­ters: Odette/Odile, Sei­fried and Roth­bart. In this way the bal­let is more intense: dreams, betrayal, death.

From next sea­son Osipova will join and she is look­ing for a home in Lon­don. She also has sev­eral con­tracts in Milan for 2014.

There are two cit­ies in the world where I would live: Lon­don and Milan. They have the right rhythm for me, not stress­ful like New York or sop­or­ific like St Petersburg.

Three years ago she was mugged in New York after a Sleep­ing Beauty with the .

My bag only con­tained a pair of bal­let slip­pers, but they weren’t demen­ted fans, just two thugs. It was my fault, you don’t walk down cer­tain streets in Man­hat­tan at 2 o’clock at night!


Nat­alia Osipova dances with Clau­dio Cov­i­ello in Swan Lake tonight at Teatro alla Scala, Milan.
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