Natalia Osipova: I could only live in London or Milan, New York’s too stressful

Natalia Osipova & Claudio Coviello rehearse Swan Lake

I’ll be a specially wicked Black Swan. I can’t believe that I’m to dance with a Siegried younger than me, the 21-year-old , who is making his début in the role: my Odile will seduce him, break his heart and destroy him.

says on the eve of her début in ’s version of (Lago dei Cigni) that he created for in 1990.

What wouldn’t I give to be able to see Nureyev dance.  To think about me dancing with him gives me goose bumps.

She told the Corriere della Sera‘s .

I like Nureyev’s version because it goes straight to the heart of the story without wasting time, concentrating of the three main characters: Odette/Odile, Seifried and Rothbart. In this way the ballet is more intense: dreams, betrayal, death.

From next season Osipova will join the and she is looking for a home in London. She also has several contracts in Milan for 2014.

There are two cities in the world where I would live: London and Milan. They have the right rhythm for me, not stressful like New York or soporific like St Petersburg.

Three years ago she was mugged in New York after a Sleeping Beauty with the .

My bag only contained a pair of ballet slippers, but they weren’t demented fans, just two thugs. It was my fault, you don’t walk down certain streets in Manhattan at 2 o’clock at night!


Natalia Osipova dances with Claudio Coviello in Swan Lake tonight at Teatro alla Scala, Milan.
17, 18, 23, 24 July, 14, 15, 17, 18 October
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