Jul 052013

Diana Vishneva Andrey Merkuriev in Subject to Change 357x500 Nederlands Dans Theatre director says the Bolshoi must come togetherThe Neder­lands Dans Theatre per­form at the ’s new theatre, II, tonight. Artistic dir­ector Paul Lightfoot talked to Izves­tia on his thoughts about the recent Bolshoi scandals.

I know . What happened to him was a ter­rible tragedy. I hate cruelty and do not under­stand this act. Bal­let is such a beau­ti­ful, illu­min­at­ing art­form, a uni­ver­sal lan­guage; but this attack on Filin takes us away from that and into polit­ics. I think that after this tragedy, the must come together and sup­port each other.

The journ­al­ist explained that Bolshoi artists can­not speak to the press without prior permission.

Unlike many dance com­pan­ies ours is very demo­cratic. Our dan­cers have the right to free speech.

Sur­pris­ingly Lightfoot doesn’t know who the Bolshoi’s star dan­cer  is. How­ever the Mariinsky’s he knows well as he col­lab­or­ated with Sol León on the bal­let Sub­ject to Change which was part of Vishneva’s Dia­logues pro­ject.

Diana is won­der­ful. She’s a big star, a very beau­ti­ful baller­ina, and has a fant­astic tech­nique. We worked per­fectly together. She had to work very hard, and some­times when things didn’t work she cried, but in spite of everything with her will-power she man­aged to pen­et­rate our cho­reo­graphic style. She won The Golden Mask award for Dia­logues. I’m happy for her. She spent a lot of time and effort mak­ing it hap­pen: it’s her baby.


Photo: Diana Vish­neva & Andrey Merkur­iev in Sub­ject to Change Photo by Gene Schiavonne

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