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Roberto Bolle in Fashionisto, Fall 2013For the autumn/fall issue of Fash­ion­isto, has been pho­to­graphed by Brent Chua for a fash­ion shoot wear­ing Prada, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Bolle is a Prin­cipal with the Amer­ican Bal­let Theatre and an Étoile at La Scala. While slip­ping out of his Prada jacket and pulling on his Armani trousers, he talked about the differences:

In Amer­ica, it’s dif­fer­ent because there are dan­cers who come here from all over the world, Cuba, Rus­sia, and from Italy… it’s really an inter­na­tional com­pany with the best dan­cers in the world. In Italy, it’s very dif­fer­ent. Dan­cers go to school in and they want to join the com­pany where most of the dan­cers are Italian. It’s a good com­pany but it’s not comparable.

I won­der how soon it is before the man­age­ment read that!

Roberto Bolle in Fashionisto, Fall 2013

Roberto Bolle in Fash­ion­isto, Fall 2013

is fam­ously enam­oured with fash­ion, but no bal­let dan­cer has done as many fash­ion spreads as Roberto Bolle.

It’s quite nor­mal to become involved in fash­ion when you live in Milan. I remem­ber, at 20, I received invit­a­tions to see the fash­ion shows in Milan. I became a friend of Stefano Gab­bana, Dona­tella Ver­sace, Gior­gio Armani and all the major designers.

Bal­let is hard #1:

Dan­cing is hard work but at the end of the day it’s an expres­sion of emo­tion. It’s the most beau­ti­ful thing for a dan­cer to express the emo­tion of their char­ac­ter. You feel the emo­tion and you give it to the public.

Bal­let is hard #2:

Bal­let life is very dif­fi­cult and demand­ing. You have to pos­sess a lot of qual­it­ies. Nowadays a bal­let dan­cer has to have a per­fect body, great face, move­ment and the pas­sion to dance.

Cer­tain fam­ous dan­cers of the (recent) past wouldn’t have even begun their careers had these rules been in place then! Bolle mean­while will grace the cover of another few magazines in the build-up to his Roberto Bolle and Friends in New York on 17 September.

Roberto Bolle and Friends is at the New York City Cen­ter on 17 Septem­ber 2013.

  7 Responses to “Roberto Bolle: dancers need a perfect body, a great face, and passion”

  1. I‘m a little shocked by his last declar­a­tion (“Bal­let is hard #2″)…
    Not every­one is blessed at birth with the body of a Greek statue and a beau­ti­ful face like him. That doesn‘t mean they will not be dan­cers. How nar­row minded to declare such things. There are every­where in the world bal­let dan­cers who are not going to walk the run­ways and befriend all the top design­ers but as soon as they start dan­cing people for­get their imper­fec­tions.
    Sin­cerely, I‘m really dis­turbed with this quote.
    Maybe he should stop giv­ing inter­views if he‘s going to make this kind of state­ments. Stick to dan­cing Roberto Please!!!

  2. As regard to his state­ment titled “Bal­let is hard”.

    What can I say? He’s an excel­lent dan­cer but mod­esty doesn’t seem to be his best fea­ture. This is not the first inter­view where you can see cer­tain amount of van­ity in his words.
    I can under­stand that an artist needs to have a strong ego to per­form on stage. Oth­er­wise, expos­ing your­self in front of the pub­lic would be an extremely dif­fi­cult task. But I think that Roberto’s ego is becom­ing too strong lately.

  3. Think Roberto Bolle should keep hs narrow-minded, vain com­ments to himself!

    (Not sure about the Mar­cia Hay­dee com­ment — think she was a beau­ti­ful ballerina)

    • Mar­cia Hay­dée was indeed a beau­ti­ful baller­ina, one of my favour­ites. But if today’s require­ments are these she wouldn’t get off the start­ing blocks: her face wasn’t made for magazine cov­ers, her body wasn’t per­fect for dance either, but when she moved the magic happened… that’s dancing!

  4. Accord­ing to Roberto Bolle:ugly people can’t dance,The Scala is a pro­vin­cial com­pany and if you are born in Milan you already have one foot in the fash­ion industry.…

  5. His com­ment about phys­ical beauty in bal­let hurt because there is truth to it; it might even be com­pletely true. All of you know this. At least most of the men in bal­let I’ve heard of who are star dan­cers have great-looking faces of some kind to go along with a fit body and dan­cing talent.

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