Sep 282013

Tsiskaridze Nutcracker by Mikhail Logvinov (Bolshoi Theatre)Former Bolshoi dan­cer , whose con­tract was ter­min­ated by the theatre at the begin­ning of the sum­mer, will return for The Nutcracker, as it would give him “the chance to say good­bye to the audience”.

A source close to the theatre’s admin­is­tra­tion told RIA Nov­osti that Tsis­karidze had asked for the top job at the Vag­an­ova Academy, but Cul­ture Min­is­ter Vladi­mir Med­ina had rejec­ted the sug­ges­tion. How­ever he did agree to him dan­cing at the theatre on 31 December.

The source said that  Dir­ector Vladi­mir Urin was against bring­ing Tsis­karidze back into the theatre, as even one per­form­ance would neces­sit­ate him tak­ing classes and attend­ing rehears­als, which risked re-igniting the ten­sion seen dur­ing the first half of this year, start­ing with the acid attack on Bal­let Dir­ector , and Tsiskaridze’s sub­sequent pub­lic cri­ti­cism of the Bolshoi man­age­ment team and the theatre’s phe­nom­en­ally expens­ive res­tor­a­tion. How­ever, Urin was ‘forced’ to agree, and told Inter­fax,

 I think it would be right to give the artist to say good­bye to the stage and the audience.

 The 31 Decem­ber is the day of Tsiskaridze’s 40th birthday.


Photo: Tsis­karidze in The Nutcracker by Mikhail Logvinov / Bolshoi Theatre

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