Oct 302013
Diana Vishneva by Dmitry Chetverukhin

by Dmitry Chetverukhin

says he is delighted at the appoint­ment of  as the new head of the his­toric Bal­let Academy, but not every­one is so happy.

Diana Vish­neva, her­self a gradu­ate of the school in , is said to be out­raged at the appoint­ment, accord­ing to RIA Nov­osti.

There was no sig­ni­fic­ant reason for chan­ging the lead­er­ship of the school, and there was vir­tu­ally no dis­cus­sion with any of the bal­let circle in St Peters­burg. The Prin­cipal of the Vag­an­ova Academy should be a per­son who has neces­sary pre­par­a­tion for such a post. Let’s not for­get that the school is first and fore­most for chil­dren, and its head should be mor­ally blame­less. I’d like to believe that this is not the end of a great school.

And if that wasn’t plain enough she continued,

The Academy means a lot to the world of bal­let, and for me per­son­ally. I am pain­fully aware that this change in lead­er­ship of our legendary school could be a bar­gain­ing chip in someone’s polit­ical game, and does not have any rela­tion to the good of the Academy. I am indig­nant about the unce­re­mo­ni­ous way in which this replace­ment has been handled, and I think it’s a feel­ing shared by all those who sup­port the tra­di­tion of the Vag­an­ova Academy, who teach in a school, or dance in the lead­ing theatres, and have in their hearts the love of ballet.

  5 Responses to “Diana Vishneva ‘outraged’ by the appointment of Tsiskaridze at the Vaganova Academy”

  1. I don’t share neg­at­ive Diana’s point. Nikolai Tsis­karidze is abso­lutely bril­liant and totally deserves this post of Prin­cipal ! I was very happy to hear this news. I wish him good luck and all the best.

  2. Diana, you are my hero! Nikolai Tzis­karidze simply can’t be a head of any school after all this staff he was say­ing. “Mor­ally blame­less” — this is obvi­ously not about him. He relent­lessly mocked Sergei Filin, the vic­tim of acid attack, call­ing him a pre­tender and laugh­ing at his blindness.

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