Jul 242014

Teatro-Colon-Bogota-frontclothTeatro Colón in Bogotá reopens tomor­row night after a six-year restoration.

Ten dan­cers from the Royal Bal­let and the Eng­lish National Bal­let will help to get the cel­eb­ra­tions off to a good start. Among them is the ‘Colom­bian Billy Elliot’, Fernando Montaño, a Soloist with the Royal Bal­let and the first Colom­bian to dance with the com­pany. Another Colom­bian, Joan Sebastian Zamora, who stud­ied at the Royal Bal­let School and now dances with ENB, will also part of the line-up, as will the Royal Bal­let Prin­cipal Roberta Mar­quez and ENB Prin­cipals Elena Glurdjidze and Arionel Var­gas. They are joined by the Royal Ballet’s Valentino Zuc­chetti, Claire Cal­vert, Yas­mine Naghdi and Mayara Magri and the ENB’s Katja Khaniukova.

Tonight’s dress rehearsal will be for under­priv­ileged chil­dren and the theatre’s offi­cial reopen­ing will be on 25, 26 and 27 July. Montaño and the dan­cers have also brought boxes of pointe shoes to donate to the theatre’s bal­let school. …con­tinue reading.

Jul 232014

After announ­cing the clos­ure of his Span­ish com­pany and say­ing that he had little choice but to leave Spain if he was to con­tinue work­ing, Ángel Corella  has done just that and in Septem­ber he will become the Artistic Dir­ector of the Pennsylvania Ballet.

Ini­tially the job will be part-time as he is handed over the reins by Roy Kaiser, who announced his retire­ment in April, and will become full-time from Janu­ary 2015. …con­tinue reading.

Jul 212014

Bolle and Friends 2014 VeronaRoberto Bolle and Friends is up and run­ning with two dates in Genoa already ticked off the list. Tomor­row comes the Ver­ona date at that biggest of all dance ven­ues, the 15,000-seater Roman amphi­theatre, the Ver­ona Arena.

The line-up for 2014 is Alicia Amat­ri­ain, Polina Semi­onova, Daniil Simkin, Hee Seo, Eris Nezha, Julie Kent, Cory Ste­arns, Jason Reilly, Sky­lar Brandt and Signor Bolle himself.

In an inter­view with Piero degli Ant­oni in Il Giorno a few days before the tour’s début, Bolle tried to cla­rify some of the much quoted state­ments that he’s made in the past, includ­ing those about his infam­ous water and white rice diet.

Let’s dis­pel some of this legend! I do drink a glass of tepid water in the morn­ing, but I also eat. Some­times when I’ve missed break­fast because I’m late for class, I find that I’m light­headed even before I get halfway through. I eat rice-cakes with honey, fruit and dried fruit. Mid-morning maybe a banana. …con­tinue reading.

Jul 202014

Ambassador Expo Milano 2015 Carla FracciThe Mil­anese baller­ina, Carla Fracci, has become an Ambas­sador for the Milan Expo 2015.

The theme of the World Expo is Feed the planet, Energy for Life and in the clip below she talks about her love for her child­hood dishes of Risotto alla Mil­anese (with a short-grained rice, such as Carn­aroli , saf­fron and beef mar­row) and Polenta (a maize flour, or corn­meal, boiled into a type of por­ridge, which is also some­times fried). These typ­ical Lom­bardy dishes are now often made with cheaper impor­ted pro­duce, which doesn’t have the same qual­ity how­ever; it is a hot polit­ical point at the moment. …con­tinue reading.

Jul 172014

deloitte-myth-mainThe month-long con­tem­por­ary arts fest­ival Deloitte Ignite 2014 is based on the theme of myth and this year is cur­ated by The Royal Bal­let and The National Gallery’s Dr Minna Moore Ede, who said,

At the National Gal­lery we try and bring paint­ings to life, but Deloitte Ignite has been an incred­ible oppor­tun­ity to cre­ate a cross-arts spec­tacle; each art form — paint­ing, video art, dance, film, street-art, music — offer­ing its own mod­ern re-telling of the Greek myths of Pro­meth­eus and Leda and the Swan. Pro­meth­eus — rebel, traitor, pro­tector of man­kind and Leda — a queen seduced by the God Zeus in the form of a swan and bearer of eggs — a sym­bol of the sac­red fem­in­ine and giver of life. Their mes­sage is still rel­ev­ant today and the Fest­ival offers con­tem­por­ary artists from all dis­cip­lines the chance to bring these stor­ies to a mod­ern audience.

Deloitte Ignite 2014 will offer free and tick­eted events with per­form­ance, film, art install­a­tions, dis­cus­sion and live-streaming, cul­min­at­ing in a free Deloitte Ignite Fam­ily Day on Sunday 28 Septem­ber …con­tinue reading.