Barenboim and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra ride America’s classical charts with Beethoven For All

Beethoven For All

Decca Records has released a box set of the complete Beethoven symphonies which marks the beginning of the Beethoven Project, an unprecedented series of Beethoven recordings: all of the composer’s complete symphonies, piano concertos and piano sonatas, with Daniel Barenboim at the helm. Barenboim says of the project, I think the Beethoven symphonies with the Divan […]

‘Lost’ Beethoven work reconstructed from sketches

A “lost” Beethoven movement is to be performed for the first time in more than 200 years, after being pieced together from early drafts. Beethoven wrote the slow movement for his string quartet Opus 18 Number Two in 1799 before discarding it and composing another version a year later. The original has not survived, but has […]

The Borromeo String Quartet and their MacBooks

With a slight blue glow bathing their faces, the four musicians tapped their feet. It was not to keep time but to send pages of music flying by electronically on their stands. The Borromeo String Quartet was rehearsing Beethoven’s Quartet in C (Op. 59, No. 3) last week. But instead of reading parts perched on […]