Nominees announced for the 15th National Dance Awards

Marianela Nunez as Tatiana and Thiago Soares as Onegin - photo Bill Cooper/ROH

The Dance Section of the Critics’ Circle has announced the nominations for the 15th National Dance Awards.The Critics' Circle is composed of five sections: Music, Theatre, Film, Dance and Visual Arts and Architecture. Its aims are to promote the art of criticism, to uphold its integrity in practice and to support the advancement of the arts. Currently there are over 400 … [Read more...]

Eleonora Abbagnato talks about becoming Paris’ new étoile


This week, Eleonora Abbagnato became the first Italian étoile at the Paris Opera Ballet for generations. The only other was Carlotta Zambelli who became one of the company's stars at the end of the 19th century. Quite an achievement for the 34-year-old dancer from Palermo. Valeria Crippa of the Corriere della Sera spoke to her. When I first heard that I was being promoted … [Read more...]

Mikhail Baryshnikov on boycotts, ballet, ‘Black Swan’, Studio 54, ‘Sex and the City’, contemporary dance and being a sex symbol


As "In Paris" arrives in Tel Aviv for nine performances,  Mikhail Baryshnikov talked to Elad Samorzik of Haaretz:On age and repertoire"Listen, I am 63 years-old. It depends what you're dancing. The piece we did with Anna Laguna we played ourselves, our age. We are not dancing 'Romeo and Juliet.' You know, pas de deux. Last year Mats Ek did a piece for me and Niklas Ek, … [Read more...]

Pippo Delbono, Marie-Agnès Gillot and Bobò – the étoile in the asylum

Dopolabattaglia_Gianluca Ballarè e Grazia Spinella_FotoLorenzoPorrazzini

In just under two hours Pippo Delbono takes his audience on a rollercoaster ride from Dante to Pasolini, from a solo violin to a Verdi chorus, from contemporary dance to pointe shoes, from the elegance of an opera crowd to the squalor of an asylum. And here we touch on the heart of this piece - the central character on stage is Delbono's hero, Bobò.Bobò is a clown-like … [Read more...]